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VSA Part-Time Position I & II

VSA Part-Time Position I & II

VSA is a young, dynamic and growing art studio in Vancouver. We are looking for new team members to join us.

I) Job Title: Part-Time Art Teacher Assistant


• A caring person who is willing to work with a young and growing art studio

• Assist and support the Instructor in the delivery of course curriculum for different age groups

• Provide general class preparation assistance include organizing and cleaning the classroom

• Educate students about drawing skills and encourage creative thinking

• Assist with special events and workshops as needed

• Junior graphic design assistance with projects

• Create graphics required for general internet usage, social media and print marketing strategies

• Perform other duties as required by the studio

• Responsible and hard working, both individually and in a team

Skill Requirements:

• A qualified candidate must be a caring person who loves art and has an art education background

• Visual Art Skills including sketching, painting, collage, art theory and art history

• Adobe Products (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat)

• All candidates must have a strong portfolio with web and print examples

• Positive attitude, creative mind, quick learner and strong researching skills

• Strong work ethic, self-directed and multitasking skills

II)  Job Title: Part-Time Office Clerk


•Assist the front desk with phone answering, new inquiries, student registration, etc

•Monitor students and employees check-in & check-out

•Take care of fee collection, book keeping & data entry

•Assist with attendance and art material inventory update

•Provide general office assistance to the studio

•Assist with special events and workshops as needed

•Assist with web, newsletter template / content, graphics for social media

•Organizing and cleaning the classroom and the seating area

•Perform other duties as required by the studio


•EDUCATION: Post-secondary Administrative / Art Degree preferred

•SKILLS: Strong communication Skills, able to speak English and Mandarin, strong work ethic and self-directed

•ABILITIES: Ability to meet schedule deadlines independently, able to handle difficult situations, strong ability to multi-task, evaluate, make decisions and manage priorities and     time in a constructive and efficient manner. Must be well organized and be able to complete tasks properly

•EXPERIENCE: Experience with administration and light book keeping

How to apply:

Please email your resume to

. Only qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview. Thank you in advance for your attention.





• 一個有愛心並願意和我們工作室一起成長的專業人士

• 協助工作室老師指導不同年齡組藝術課程

• 提前做好課前準備,包括課室整理與清潔

• 協助輔導學生繪畫技能並鼓勵創意思維

• 具備基本的設計能力以協助工作室的設計項目

• 創作設計網頁,公共媒體及市場推銷所用的廣告資料

• 提供其他工作室所需的幫助

• 努力盡責,不管是單獨工作還是團隊協作


• 合格的助教必須有耐心且熱愛藝術並具備藝術教育背​​景

• 具備相當的繪畫技能包括素描、色彩、拼貼,了解藝術理論與藝術史

• 熟悉應用Adobe產品(Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat等電腦軟件)

• 應聘申請人需有個人作品並帶網絡或印刷樣板

• 積極進取,創意思維,具備超強的學習與信息搜尋能力

• 熱愛工作,自我管理的多面手



• 協助前台接聽電話,新生諮詢及學生等記註冊等

• 負責學生和職員的考勤記錄

• 負責收費、記賬及數據登錄

• 協助學生考勤與繪畫材料的登記更新

• 為工作室提供日常的文案處理

• 有需要的時候協助準備各類活動

• 協助更新整理網頁及工作室的時事通訊

• 整理並清潔前台及教室等

• 協助工作室的日常工作


• 教育:具行政或文學學士學歷更佳

• 技能:具溝通能力,流利中英文,熱愛工作並有自我管理能力

• 能力:能獨立在特定的時間範圍內完成工作,能應對各種狀況,耐心並能超強地組織協調多項事物

• 經驗:具辦公室行政管理及稍許財務記賬的經驗




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